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Bespoke Course Design


Our mission is:

  • to engage you in outdoor learning and adventure

  • to inspire your adventures and achievements

  • to help educate you about yourself, others and our wild places


Metro services are accessible to all  We are able to reach young people in a way that is not intimidating, is relationship based and non-confrontational. In this manner we are able to support a range of young people from organisations who may not traditionaly have access to adventure education.


We have a very large area of operation encompassing the whole of Scotland and indeed further afield. For the young people we work with however, even the Ochills, Campsies or country parks can provide an opportunity for adventure within the realms of their experience, and recognition of this is a key part of the work of Metro.


The courses we deliver range from short days, within school hours to multi day residentials and expeditions. Inclusive to all of our courses is transport to and from your location, qualified and experienced instructors and all relevant safety equipment. Your course may also include additional instructors and the use of our extensive stores for waterproofs, boots etc.


Regardless of your requirements, designing a bespoke course follows the same process;

  • Initial Inquiry

Use our inquiry form or use the details on our contact page.

  • Needs Assessment

We like to do this in person where possible! This is your opportunity to tell us exactly want you want your programme to look like and what your  desired outcomes are. 

  • Finalising the Programme

This is a very collbrative experience. We will work with you to finalise all of the programe details.

  • Course Admin

We will appoint a Course Director to work with you. They will be your point of contact throughout the programme and beyond.

  • Delivery

The process of Frame – Frontload – Activity – Review – Transfer of learning with its key elements of planning and engagement with individuals is the key way in which we work with participants and is the core delivery model for all of our courses.

  • Course Evaluation

Your Course Director will follow up with you post programme to ensure that you have the opportunity to feedback your experience to us. We will also share the results of our internal evaluation with you.

  • Next Steps

We are keen to develop lasting relationships with all of our programme stakeholders. We will work with you to develop follow up and future programmes that will enable you to facilitate your desired educational and experiential outcomes.


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